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Friday, October 22, 2010

Stars and Boulevards

Finally friday, whew! It's been a long week, what with classes and football. Last night we trained pretty hard, my performance was abysmal, couldn't catch, couldn't hit, then got a hip sprain in the first scrimmage play. Oh well, what doesn't kill you and all that jazz.

Pretty good day today though, classes were boring, but hanging out with people in between classes is fun. Talking politics with Scott and Alex, then sports and girls with Kieran and Decklan. We've also assembled a little group for the walks back to Talybont. Arna, Alex, Tanvir and I all live here, and Karl lives nearby, so it certainly lightens the walk when you have people to chat with. We started with Russian Literature today, and ended up with bear fighting....which is about how every conversation should end ever.

No particularly deep thoughts so far today, just resting, thinking of how bad my arm hurts. Tonight we're going out to meet the guys from Imperial before camp starts tomorrow. Don't worry if I don't contact you on Saturday...or Sunday until the evening. I'll be out hitting people 8 hours a day two days in a row, sounds like a classic weekend.

At least last night we got some free entertainment. It was smurf night as some student club in Cardiff, so that means there were more scantily clad blue women than James Cameron could have imagined.

Other than that not much has happened, classes go on, I get it more and more every day which I reckon is a good thing. That's about all for now, time to catch a nap before heading down to walkabout. Cheers.


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