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Friday, October 15, 2010

Getting well

Well, four days later, as Decklan put it, I look like death warmed over, but I feel pretty good. My eye also looks sweet, as apparently the sinus pressure forced a blood vessel to burst, woot.

On the bright side I managed to sit through all lectures today without skipping. Mostly boring stuff, Structural Mechanics was all about buckling...and big surprise so was Steel Design. So we spent two hours doing the exact same thing but with different variables, which confused a lot of people. For lunch I sat in the lounge with our resident old timer, he's doing the course part time after working in industry for a while, nice guy.

The past few days have been different. I've made a realization, that to me seems pretty grand, and it was relatively simple, just wait and see instead of rushing ahead to read the end. On the even brighter side, my pants don't fit me anymore. Even cinching up the belt tight just makes it look weird, I think I've dropped about 6 kilo since I've been here, (bout 1 stone), and now that my money is in I can join the gym and start hitting people harder. Woot!

The days are getting colder, the mornings are later, but all the time I'm thinking of home. I was whistling Yankee Doodle today while walking down the street before I realized it. I caught a girl smiling at me when I was talking to Tom and referred to a guy as faster than lightning on a greased plate, so I might have slipped the drawl on to utter a phrase like that, and I'm sure it sounded funny. All the girls here have such elfin features, it's weird, I feel like I should have a bow and latent homosexual feelings to be around chicks like that, but rather I feel more like Gimli, probably cause I'm short, love beer, have a sweet beard, and love smashing things up...dude, Gimli was awesome. Maybe I can have that be the name on my jersey. That would be sweet! I feel like going out and knocking heads together...probably not the best idea, I think instead we'll go have a quiet pint and get to bed early. Haha, who am I kidding, we won't have a pint. Pretty soon I'll have to write up a dissertation proposal for the department...I wonder how probable it is that they'll let me do the nanomechanics of carbon nanotube reinforced concrete, perhaps with graphene sheathing for weather protection if we get time....yeah, that'll never happen. Enjoy the rest of your day western world.


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