Confessions of a drinker student abroad

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Super Surprise Post

So, due to awesome circumstances, I'm free for a few days...mostly cause I have a week till my next exams, so I'm taking two days off to recuperate. Naturally I'll be watching movies and drinking scotch during this break. Awesome things that happened today. I finished the exam in enough time that after checking all my answers, I still had time to draw an old, old wooden ship. Maybe that'll get me a few extra marks.

Also, after buying a bottle of scotch to celebrate, I discovred that I have in fact zero glasses....I have one ceramic teacup, but I would rather have something glass, cylindrical, you know, normal. The options present to me were travel up to Tescos and buy a set of tumblers...or improvise. Since I had just finished my 200g jar of Nutella, I considered it. The small jars have no threaded lids, just a plastic one that fits down over the's about 3" high, cylindrical, glass...yup, I found myself a scotch glass. It works quite well too.

Sadly, I feel rather anxious, not over exams, but rather, I want to do things. I want to travel to spain and take photographs, I want to do the same in Scotland and N. Wales. I want to see things...naturally I have no time. Football keeps going, and now of course I have the chance to go out for a spot on a semi-pro team. One division off the league that actually gets paid money. Not that I have any fantastic dreams about making the NFL or living off of football, but hey, it'd be awesome to play at that level. Then there's the whole, I'm more than 3,000 miles from the place I really want to be. But, well there isn't a whole helluva lot I can do about that now can I. I need ideas to write about. If you have anything, let me know, I'll do it soon as I get the chance. Until then, I'm going to continue killing brain cells with Fifa and Scotch, life is awesome.


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Lack of Posts

So, 5 exams, the majority (read 'all') of my grades depend on these exams. So, yeah, I wouldn't expect a whole lot of writing during this month. Perhaps next week....but likely I'm off until february. Then I shall continue the posting of shenanigans and stories. Cheers kids, wish me luck.


Saturday, January 1, 2011

Home III

Well, here we are again, lying in bed exhausted, and yet sleep eludes me. So we'll do a bit of writing and pass out halfway through. This blog has gotten so dreadfully serious over the past month :( It's like....sad and stuff, or at least mature and dignified. I think it's high time for some crude humor...instead, here's a link that will always brighten your day.

Yes, puppies, because no matter how many times life kicks you when your down, or even if you're just bored, puppies are the answer, and the question. Puppies? Puppies! Bam, instant love.

So, it's a new year...woot! It's pretty much like the last one, only you know, different. 2011, now with 50% more 'extra', also more than 100% more palindromic dates, which is cool. So, remember that tomorrow, when your head is split in twain (yeah, I said it) and your eyes ache to move, and the light fairy outside your window refuses to tone it down, and the fly on your ceiling is just toooooo loud, it's 1-1-11, which means it's the same whether you're in Europe or in the States, and even more importantly, there's someone out there who cares about that.

Now, on to the seriousity, it's a new year, and if we all turn back to last year at this time, I was single, looking for work, and planning on staying in the Midwest until I could get the money/opportunity to go overseas, whether with EWB or join the FFL. This year? Yeah, haha, this year is a bit different. I don't really feel the need to enumerate the differences, but I'm sure you can figure them out.

So, without getting into lots of great and gory detail, life is different, big things are happening, oh my gosh my life is changing...yeah, that's what happens, welcome to the planet. Ahhhhhh! Writing gets random as time wears on and caffeine wears off's a compounding effect leading to an exponential decrease in energy and coherency. Thusly we arrive at the conclusion that when the spacetime fabric unravels revealing the giant universe monkey its quantum entanglement upspins the eyebrows of galaxy chipmunk resulting in a catastrophic collapse of the continuity of fields. Yes, all of these are words, yes, this is a sentence, no, it is not supposed to make sense. If it does, then you should probably stop mixing your meds. Moving on, I think it's word pattern playtime.

Curtains calling quaintly
Curtailed cattle quailing
At the terrifying sound of
Classic cantors quantifying
Canyon's calming quiet

Pole barn on the corner
and the dog is in the pen
The rabbit's run their way to nest
And foxes to their den
A white house with a garden
Standing by the street
A blonde girl in the doorway
Stealing one last peek
The car may leave the junction
And the town may fade from sight
But often will I think of her
When winds blow cold at night
The damsel in the doorway
Is the thing that we all seek
A girl in love, this rarest dove
Just stealing one last peek

Silent snow sliding slowly
Slipping slightly Earthward
Never knowing nothing other
Than the thinning treetops
Warily waltzing westward with
You wearing my wool hat
We walked with wonder
Down dimly lighted corridors
Of Birch trees white with snow

The clocks that spin and din and call
With echoes dim and shadows tall
Are silent in these hallowed halls

With trembling lips of rose and glass we whiled away the time
Wishing we could rise and sing of auld synes lang and gone
While slowly fading friends forget we had this final night
Someone's somewhere singing something sounding like a song