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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fair play and lashing

Not really much of a descriptive title, but those are some of my new favorite expressions over here. Fair play lines up with 'Fair enough' and other such murmurs of lack of disapproval. Lashing however, well, it's less a word, and more an experience, it is an ethereal idea, one of those rare concepts that can drag mankind up from the dusty hovels in which he dwells to contemplate the universe and the meaning of life...yeah, is pretty much means getting schwasty-faced and running around shenanigizing.

I'm not going to go back and recap the weekend, cause let's face it, most of my time was spent away at camp, or out with the team. We did have a birthday party for Sagarika :) over at Uni Kitchen, sadly I was so knackered from camp all week that I was essentially worthless...except for baiting the posh NY girl...I do love irritating people who feel superior but are in fact superfluous. That's right ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, it's Big Word Night...maybe it's cause I've been smacked in the head more than a rented ginger donkey, or maybe it's lack of sleep, either way, fair play.

So, Wednesday night was social night with the Cobras and Cheerleaders. I went as the obligatory cowboy...I mean, since I own 90% of the costume anyway. So pre-lash was at Matt's house...or at least one of them was. It was only me, Danny and Matt, so we pounded a pint or two, then went up to the Woodville, there we ran into about half the crew. Woodville was really expensive though, and kind of snobby about serving a bunch of guys in drag and random costumes, so we bailed and went down to the Mackintosh, one pint, then juked to Gassy jacks before cutting back to Vulcan. That's where we ran into the cheerleaders...and all the trouble/fun started. We then commenced to lash about, then headed up to Solus for a proper party. Here is where the story stops, what happens at the Lash stays at the Lash, but in all fairness, I did not get arrested, or in generally do anything terrible. I actually turned down a girl who offered to trade me her friend for my cowboy hat...stupid slag.

Today was nice, just an easy lazy day. Well, up until training. Both our fullbacks were missing, so Ryan took TE and I took FB, and we pounded ourselves...or rather, we just ran and the defense took care of pummeling us. I've been kicked, stomped, punched, slammed on the ground, and headbutted. My toe is bleeding, my nose bled, my arms are so sore I can't lean on anything, my hands ache and I had a brilliant time, despite my tactical chunder during scrimmage. Sadly I forgot to dragon. (brief explanation of terms, a tactical chunder should be self-explanatory, but to dragon is to wrest victory from the very jaws of defeat by flapping one's arms and roaring mid spew, leading to a legendary compilation of pain and awesome.)

Now though I've had a shower, and some sweet chicken nuggets...woot. Time for a brief chat, then off to bed. Bristol in a week and a half...gonna be ledge. Hopefully soon I'll have more deep thoughts to share. Cheers.


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