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Monday, October 18, 2010


Oh, if only Dickens could see what South Park did with Great Expectations. It is so unbelievably awesome. Like, Robot Monkeys awesome, genesis devices awesome, so completely better than the original. Danny just finished showing me a card trick, he's a nice guy.

Tonight's pretty good, just chilling, had nachos...yeah, pointless stuff, but it's a pretty pointless day. So, now I'm watching South Park...gotta kill a few braincells after today, I actually understood the steel design lecture, I had to explain it to a few people, it was especially surprising since I fell asleep five minutes in and understood nothing, when I woke up 10 minutes later it all made sense. Woo for fresh starts. Kind of miss Rose though, I already feel the pressure of exams coming, and it's four months away.

I miss home today, quite a bit. Although it might be less home I miss, and more her. The home has become a concept to me. I'm not sure where my home will be, but it's not here. Music helps. All the music I used to listen to but haven't lately, all my good American Music. A&A, Blink, Anberlin, it all carries me back across the ocean. Usually it's associated with driving. Terre Haute in winter, Dashboard, TH in spring, Anberlin, TH in fall and the road to Chicago Angels and Airwaves. I guess in some ways that became my home for the past four years. I miss the lake and the woods, the fields and the creek, the fact that we were miles away from anything.

I guess that's one reason I love football, for 2 hours three days a week I'm not in the UK anymore. I'm home, bashing someone as hard as I can. Enough about football for now. For the past three nights we've been going up to the Social Centre just to have a drink or two and relax. I've met Kirsten (dating a 1st squad player from the English National Rugby team) Sophie, current attachment unknown, and that's about it. Paul (one of the student wardens) is usually up there doing a crossword or something and we talk about everything. Two nights ago it was politics, boxing and everything in between. I like talking politics and such with the Brits, they're nice, can carry on a rational discussion that isn't filled with party slander, and they understand that a 2 party system stinks.

Don't get the impression that life over here is bad, it's beautiful, but it's not my kind of beauty. It's some place I'm enjoying visiting. But I want to see home, I want my mountains again, the tall limbless pines, kudzu. Maybe my road doesn't lead there just yet though. Maybe it's to Accra, Delhi, Shanghai, or Aubergne. Here's hoping it's a beautiful trip back. Cheers.


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