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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

quick clays and quicker plays

Well, wearily waiting for the waning of the light, I hereby warn the world of the approaching wraith...thursday. That's right, it's Wednesday night and I wrote a 300 word essay in about 20 minutes...quite a decent one I might add, I was able to get on a track with it and just run.

Geology today was interesting, we examined quick clays today, which is actually a pretty fascinating material. Essentially it's standard clay, but once it's disturbed it turns into a liquid in a matter of seconds. It's complicated electrochemistry, but essentially it's now mostly water, but if you add salt it turns back into clay. It's pretty cool.

We had a tutor was pretty pointless. I said hi to my tutor, she said hi back...that was it. The free food was nice though, never turn down free food. I got to hang out with Arna more today, she's cool. We had an impromptu geography quiz on the map Alex has in his binder, I think everyone was shocked I get them all right.

Alex and I have been walking back together, he lives down in house 21, and we're usually sitting together anyway. Usually we talk about politics, or history, or some such crap. It's fun, and makes it less miserable walking back after a long day.

Tonight I went for a first lift, as much weight as I've lost, I think a lot of it was in my muscles. I couldn't throw up 80 kilo like I used to. It felt good though, getting back into it. Time to get stronger and hit people harder.

This weekend we have a camp with ICL, I get to pay those guys back for not letting me into their school, woot. crazy weekend though, meet up Friday night at Walkabout, crash early, practice all day saturday, bar hopping with the guys that night, practice all day sunday, Sagarika's birthday party at night. Should be a lot of fun.

This year is going to take forever, but hopefully with school and football I can focus on one week at a time. Not like it's tough, so much DE to relearn, so much new concrete and geology. Oh well, nothing like a fun busy schedule to make me forget where I am.

Well, it's time for me to pass out, have to get up early and print of a paper for management. So long world, good night moon.


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