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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A farewell to drinking

Whew, wow. Sorry for no update in so long. It's been a crazy rush. So, Freshers Ball, it was terrible...well, sort of. Loads of first years (as expected) and they were up to the usual crap. Some saucy tart threw a chip with mayo on it and hit me in the back of the head...on purpose, got it all over my jacket. I turned around and told her what I thought of her. Then she got like, embarrassed and offended and ran off. I asked someone and no, that isn't a chat-up line over here. I don't know what she expected me to do, but I certainly didn't want to make her acquaintance.

Then I fell in with some lads, apparently I had hung out in their flat last week. They found out I was Murrican and they started asking me how I felt about arabs...I wasn't sure how to respond. Turns out their with the EDL, when the rest of the group came out the fat one said something about 'pakis' so I just looked at him, said they were my friends, and told him he could jog on. I guess I wasn't racist enough for them, sorry chavs.

The night was wearing on, I was exhausted, and frightfully sober. Debjani said she was tired, so I offered to walk her back. That was nice though, she's a nice quiet girl. All the girls were dressed up and looking quite pretty, but Debjani's eyes had that extra sparkle to them. I escorted her to the doorstep, and bid her goodnight. She's a good kid, the kind of girl I would be interested in if I were different, or more sure of where life is leading me, sometimes it's nice though to have a brief taste of normality, even if it's just walking a lovely girl home safely, as a friend.

Monday was pretty uneventful, I slept it, cleaned up, went to the bank (my account opened finally, yaaay!), then down to the loan office to get my monies. Steel and Timber was pretty boring, it was just an intro class, but it looks like it might be fun, the professor said it's all qualitative analysis, very minimal calculations.

After a long walk back we had some beans, then I got dressed up for the social with the Cobras. I was the first one to the union, and i wasn't sure where we were going, so I stood around nervously. Then Brew and Scott showed up, and after Charlie and Matt got there we walked down to Lloyds, since there was a 15 minute wait for a cab, and the walk was 10 minutes.

At Lloyd's we had some beers, apparently over here it's okay for the guys to drink chick beer, but Tyler and I stuck to beer. We all walked down to Tiger Tiger after about an hour and got into our private room. They had free pitchers of vodka-redbull for us, so we all had some. I got into a bit of trouble, since they didn't have beer, and mixed drinks were cheap. They had a double shot of vodka with a half can of monster for only 2 quid, and some of us rookies got a bit carried away. Eventually Danny came over and asked if I needed a cab home, I most certainly did, so he helped me out, hailed a cab and deposited me in it.

Fortunately class today didn't start till 1, and Phil saved me by making some veg curry for lunch and making sure I drank water. My hangover set in around 1:30, right in the middle of advanced structural mechanics. We had that class for 4 hours today, since our concrete professor was sick. It's not actually that bad, most of the stuff I did in Structures 2. Also, since most of the class is Chinese the professor is going slow and explaining everything well.

After class we split up, Omar to get a railcard, Carl to cycle back and eat before training tonight. Me, I just walked back, stopped in to say hi to everyone on floor 1. Then I came up, dropped my bag and hoodie and headed over to the SC for chalkroom. That was pretty basic, just going over basics, most of which I know. Then we went out to the 3G pitch. We were split up after warmups into our groups. I went with the receivers again. We worked on starts and stances. Simon (our receiver coach) told us for each false start we do 5 pressups, which really isn't that bad.

Then we teamed up with the QB's and went over to run routes against the DB's. The QB that we got paired with recognized my voice from class this afternoon, turns out we're both MSc Civils so I'm not the only postgrad on the team. Woo! Sadly I didn't do well to start. I have to work on running through a well led ball. Then I bobbled one that I should have grabbed cleanly. Third time though I started to catch on, hehe, get it? We then went on a 5 completion streak, where 3 of them were me. Slot guy gets a lot of short balls and outs. I had to go up for one that was ahead of me, and Carl hit me while I was in the air. So there's actually 3 of us who are civil postgrads. Anyway, I spun round and landed on my shoulder, but I hung on to the ball.

Then we scrimmaged (just 2 hand touch) so we could get used to lining up and calling plays. I think I'm going to like playing slot, it's fun to run into people. And we get to kit up on Thursday and do it for real.

When I got back Sagarika had saved some Dahl and rice for me, but my stomach is cramping from all the running so I could only eat about half of it, it was really good though. Then I came upstairs, took a nice hot shower, which felt amaaaaazing. Then we hung out in Phil's room for a bit, then watched some Big Bang theory. That brings us to now, I'm laying down, resting and trying not to think of how much my legs ache. Now it's time for sleep though, big day tomorrow...not really, but hopefully I get money so I can get boots for Thursday. Happy Wednesday all you people round the world. Cheers.


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