Confessions of a drinker student abroad

Monday, September 27, 2010

So today was our first day of real rest, we slept in...after staying up till 3 again. Without anything scheduled to do we were going out of our heads with boredom, so Agni, Phillip and I decided it was time to get out and go on a little photo tour. We walked up the Taff trail around 2 miles then back down the other side, stopping in at the Llandaff Cathedral.

In other news we've found a new hobby, standing outside while the 1st years walk back after a night of partying, exchange comments and greetings, make new friends, watch the rah-rahs (as Patty calls them) cross the street to walk past us, then let them know what we think of them. Had a grand conversation with a Lemming Welsh girl. Life here is interesting. It may get more interesting before the week is over, that's all on that subject.

Tomorrow i have to go in and enrol for the Engineering School. yay for waking up at 8 for a 1 hour walk, oh well, I'll finally get my timetables and hopefully be able to figure out what books I need. For now I have to go and get a nap before tonight, we're going to a Postgrad welcome and meet&greet. Will write more later, hopefully less cryptic. Cheers.


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