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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Rachel and John

Sitting here, windows open, listening to the intermittent rain and Chesterfield King, eating Tajiki soup. Just came back from the Sports Fayre, definitely wasn't interested in Rugby...I like my teeth too much. But the A. Football team said they were looking for a new fullback, then they heard my accent, realized where I was from, and got properly excited. They said it's all a good laugh, not too serious, so I figure come Sunday I'll try my hand at running people over, then kickboxing starts up next week.

Last night was good, we just went up to the SC and shot a bit of pool, it was tough, the table and balls over here are smaller, makes it hard to properly mark it. Then we came back, the 1 floor crew were cleaning up from dinner and someone had brought a guitar, so I was recruited to play for them. Nupur was sitting to my left, and seemed pretty interested ;) sadly I didn't know any Hindi songs or much pop. After that we went out on the smoking deck, listened to music on Nupur's phone and hung out. By about 11 most of the MBA kids went in to bed since they had induction today. Agni, Patty and I stayed out, but moved over under the awning since it was raining. Patty went to get his bottle of vodka and we made a proper night of it, chatting up the passing people, although the rain put a damper on it.

Even better than razzing the rah-rahs, we discovered that sometimes people just need someone to talk to. John was passing by without a shirt, we remarked on his lost article of clothing and he told us he'd had the worst day of his life. Not being people to withhold comfort from someone needing it we invited him under the awning for a shot. He told us his story, had a drink and we listened, remarking that he didn't need to worry about getting turned down by a girl, there were plenty more girls in Cardiff. Pretty soon his mates came along and he left, but he seemed happier.

Rachel was a similar story, as she passed we saw her wipe away a tear, so we asked if she was okay. She declined a drink, but deigned to stop in and chat with us. Some fellow had spoken ill of and to her, effectively ruining her night. It didn't help that she was homesick. I assured her that if the situation ever arose again and we were around, we had no problem going further into the issue with the cad.

So that was it really, nothing adventurous or new, just a night with friends, and we got to help two people have a better night.

Induction is tomorrow, I'll check with the bank and see if they have my account finally.

That's about it, no really extravagant shenanigans...although over here you really have to go over the top to be extravagant. Will write more later this week, perhaps a new story will arise from all of this. Cheers.


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  1. 1) I'm insanely jealous of you, right now.
    2) Keep on writing man, I love the stories and the style. This is my favorite read of the day.