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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Football, Cider and First aid

Yes, it really was that eventful a day yesterday that I need to discuss three topics.

So yesterday I was lazying about, when a girl from the union came to the door to tell us that there was some pickup 5-a-side going on over on the Taly pitches. I figured now would be as good a time as any to prove to the Brits just how terrible we are at football (as opposed to hand egg). Omar consented to come with me, mostly as moral support. We didn't realize how serious pickup games are, since most of the teams were guys that all lived together, we ended up getting thrown onto a hodgepodge team. Since I have no delusions of grandeur as a goalie I opted for defense. After getting beaten easily about three times, then missing a clearance I started to pick up the rhythm of the game. All the practice this summer paid off too, one of the few times I worked on advancing the ball I feinted right and chipped it left past his leg and cut around him. His simple, "Whoah, nice!" was the best compliment I've received over here, made my day. The rest of the four matches were a rush, not much stands out. I did manage to stumble into a shot block, two actually, and given that we held two matches scoreless, without a shot being fired even, I guess I did okay. In my enthusiasm though I pulled off what I'm told (by Omar and one of the other guys) was a great slide tackle, which was exciting, except for the aftermath to my left leg and arm. The rubber crumb doesn't cut quite like gravel, but it still drew blood, yaaaaaay! that means you're doing it right...right?

Fortunately they waited until after it was over to let us know that the Uni Football Coaches had been watching and taking notes during our matches, otherwise I wouldn't have gone out.

So, over here, they can sell liquor by the 2 liter bottle. So for 2 quid I picked up some Strongbow, when we got back however I ran into a situation, Sagarika (from downstairs) had sprained her ankle, so we deposited her in a chair in the kitchen while Philip and I cut up the chicken for dinner. Sadly, the knife was dull, so several times it slipped awkwardly, so we bandaged Phil's finger, mine wasn't that bad the first time. The second time I poked the point into my finger, but it didn't even draw blood, just hurt a bit. Then, because I had a powerful thirst I went outside and cracked open the cider. It goes down pretty easily, better from a bottle instead of a glass. Other Phillip (from Bulgaria) came by with Stephie (also from Bulgaria) and we had a grand old time. Since most of us had induction today we decided to go to bed early. So around 2 we polished off the cider and went inside.

I probably made an ass of myself and talked way too much last night, but I was a bit homesick, and nobody said anything.

This morning Omar and I went down to induction, so now I have my timetables and I registered for my optional modules in the spring. Wooooo nanomechanics! Fortunately my first class on Mondays is at 2, so I can go to the social after practice on Sunday. Now though it's almost noon, which means it's time for all of you to wake up, and time for me to go back to sleep for my afternoon nap. Here's wishing you a beautiful day and a quick plane ride over to see me and all the 'cheeky' steel smelting runoffs here in the UK. Cheers.


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