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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

In the Beginning

It all started with a kid. What a terrible intro, things usually start somewhere, and since children are the beginning of adults it only makes sense that most stories, whether of adult or child, begin with a kid. Shall we try again?

It ended with a man...well, you see this isn't much better, true, it has ruled out approximately 50% of the population, but that's no great feat. Saying that it included a lobster at some point would be as positive an indicator to the point of the story, for that is what this is, a story. It is not a short one, nor will this meager domicile contain the entirety of it, instead this is but a chapter, a paragraph even in the story of my life, but what it is, for what it's worth, just might be worth the read. So, shall we?

Here is the place where I should make some short introduction of myself. I am the alleged protagonist of this tale, as well as the narrator and observer, but let us skip the pleasantries. I am me, you are you, and the fact that you are seeing this is entirely your own fault.

Life began for me...blah blah blah, I was young, I was foolish, I learned things, I saw things, I had fun, I lost something, I found something, I lost that too, and now here we are. 22 years in one sentence, sure puts life in perspective doesn't it? I am still young, still foolish, still learning, and about to embark upon (possibly) the greatest adventure of my life to date. If you are reading this, you probably know me, and you probably know that I'm leaving quite soon to study in Wales for a year.

This blog will attempt in some small way to convey the changes in my life as they happen, share the joys and sorrows of growing and finding who I am meant to be.

So tie your boots up tight, helmets are there on the rack to your left, this should be fun.

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