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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tea and Balloons

don't have a tremendous amount of time for a full and proper post, but I feel I just have to write. Maybe it's the snow on the ground, maybe it's the peppermint tea I'm using to hide the fact that I'm getting sick, or maybe it's the way that Wales has opened up to me. I no longer feel so much like an outsider. I live here.

You know how they say that when things are getting bad you have to step back in order to get perspective. In some ways I think this is my step, my 3,000 mile step back. Things in Terre Haute were so foggy. There was an emotion tied to every lamppost like a red balloon abandoned by a child who grew up. And sure, Cardiff will eventually have memories for me. Like the tree we used when we were walking between clubs, or that doorway...okay, so most of my memories of this place consist of a sandwich shop, and a football pitch for now. Sadly I haven't had the time to travel much, spring will change that.

Have to run now, Eng Management and then four hours of fun time with structures and advanced concrete. w00t! Will try to write more later.

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