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Monday, November 8, 2010

Annnnnd I don't work there anymore!

So, Guy Fawkes night was awesome, the only problem was not being able to pronounce the street we were partying on. I certainly met some cool people though, drank some beer. We also got some sweet fireworks...the bottle rockets here are quite spectacular, even better we made bazooka's out of paper cups in order to have directional fire. Sadly I had to leave since I had early training, hopefully this weekend we'll have a reprisal.

Sunday wasn't great, but we won't talk about that. The bus ride back was entertaining though. Sadly there was no 'Story Time with Steffan', but there was a rousing round of Chicago. Not the musical, more the chant in rounds that involves wordplay. The chorus goes "I used to work in Chicago at the old department store. I used to work in Chicago Iiiiiiii don't work there anymore." What follows are innocuous statemets, that can be turned into obscene reasons for the lack of employment.

After we got back everyone split up to take kit home and then meet up later at Walkabout. We got down there a bit early, and couldn't get into the pub, so we went up to another one on the same street. Cardiff played Swansea in football on sunday though, which meant there were people picking fights everywhere. We had just ordered when 10 cops came in, half went upstairs, the others cordoned off the side doors. We sat down to drink our beers, when one of the bobby's came over and told us we had to drink up, they were putting a squeeze play on soon to clear all the drunks out. So we pounded our pints as we walked through the bar in front of the police to the other door.

We went back down to Walkabout, got some hot dogs and chips and watched football for a while. Coors were only 1.50 each so I got some Muhrican back in me. After things died down we went up the street to Lakota, just myself, Benny, Charlie and Gareth. Drinks there, then on to Live Lounge where a Guns 'n' Roses cover band was playing. As cover bands go they weren't bad actually. By 11:30 though we were tired, so we agreed to leave after knockin' on Heaven's Door, but right after that was Sweet Child o' Mine, so naturlich we stayed for that.

One cab ride later the long day ended. It was rough taking a loss, but we know now what to work on, and we'll hit harder next week. Ooo-bloody-rah! "A woman came into the store one day asking for a tennis racket." "A tennis racket from the store?" "A tennis racket from the store she backhand she got! Annnnnnnnd I don't work there anymore!"


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