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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Thoughts for the day

So, after several internet arguments today, I'm gonna start saying some of the things I've been thinking.

1. Why didn't we just shoot Gaddafi 20 years ago when we had the chance?

2. Kung Pao sauce can spruce up cheap spaghetti.

3. Calling an American a racist because he supports Israel, while simultaneously saying that 'Zionists' are evil and the root of all problems is funny, because you're a bigoted little shit.

4. On a related note, 'resistance' movements strike against military targets, shooting rockets into hospitals and schools is not resistance, it's terrorism, and honestly, when you side with people like that, I hope you get kicked in the teeth.

5. Backing up your internet argument with an XL spreadsheet graph without any citations is also amusing...kind of like putting MS Paint printoffs in an art gallery.

6. Because it's such a 'classic' I've tried watching Friends...I have laughed twice, once, when one of the guys gets a new laptop and is excited over a 50 mB hard drive, and once when I realized that people used to dress that way in the 90's Watching this show is like breaking an arm using a hydraulic loading cell, it takes forever, but on some level you want to finish just so you can say you did.

7. England...I know you guys beat Scotland, but it wasn't by a lot....and that's pretty sad, cause, you know, it's Scotland, and they're terrible. (This is Rugby fyi)

8. Sick and tired of having a cold every month or so.

That's really all the thoughts for the day, I'll try to find more creative or entertaining things to write about soon. Cheers.

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