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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Super Surprise Post

So, due to awesome circumstances, I'm free for a few days...mostly cause I have a week till my next exams, so I'm taking two days off to recuperate. Naturally I'll be watching movies and drinking scotch during this break. Awesome things that happened today. I finished the exam in enough time that after checking all my answers, I still had time to draw an old, old wooden ship. Maybe that'll get me a few extra marks.

Also, after buying a bottle of scotch to celebrate, I discovred that I have in fact zero glasses....I have one ceramic teacup, but I would rather have something glass, cylindrical, you know, normal. The options present to me were travel up to Tescos and buy a set of tumblers...or improvise. Since I had just finished my 200g jar of Nutella, I considered it. The small jars have no threaded lids, just a plastic one that fits down over the's about 3" high, cylindrical, glass...yup, I found myself a scotch glass. It works quite well too.

Sadly, I feel rather anxious, not over exams, but rather, I want to do things. I want to travel to spain and take photographs, I want to do the same in Scotland and N. Wales. I want to see things...naturally I have no time. Football keeps going, and now of course I have the chance to go out for a spot on a semi-pro team. One division off the league that actually gets paid money. Not that I have any fantastic dreams about making the NFL or living off of football, but hey, it'd be awesome to play at that level. Then there's the whole, I'm more than 3,000 miles from the place I really want to be. But, well there isn't a whole helluva lot I can do about that now can I. I need ideas to write about. If you have anything, let me know, I'll do it soon as I get the chance. Until then, I'm going to continue killing brain cells with Fifa and Scotch, life is awesome.


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