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Monday, December 27, 2010

Home II

Laying here, listening to the new Augustana album, feeling pretty mellow, but, as promised, it's time to write some more, do some more painting, hopefully better this time.

The Apple Tree

In her front yard stands an old apple tree, not a large one, but one that was around when the house was built years ago. In the winter blues the tree looks naked and spindly, throwing its shadow about the lawn as if to demonstrate its dominance in this small corner of the world. High above its topmost branches the stars scatter across the night sky, Orion in the east, Cassiopeia above, and to the west the glow from the city obscures the western fairytales. On the porch, just on the edge of this scene sit the boy and the girl. She is sitting in the lone chair, rocking gently back and forth, he sits next to the post, one arm wrapped around it to keep himself warm on this chill night. Between them flash bolts of rose colored electricity, riddled and laden with timidity and curiosity.
As the night wears on Orion treads his weary way across the heavens towards home. As he strode past he turned to look down. The girl no longer sat in the chair, but rather on the step next to the boy. His arm was more determinedly hugged about the post, unwilling to surrender to the impulse the set his heart beating quicker, the urge to simply place his arm about her and hold her safe from all the world. Her hands folded quietly in her lap screamed out to be taken in hand and held. Slowly her head wavered, then came to light gently upon his shoulder. Neither one of them moved, simply sitting there, leaning on each other for support.
Orion smiled to himself, and continued on his way. From his elevated position he could see around the bends that these two could not. Soon they would come to comfort each other, they would sit with an arm around each other when the winter winds blew, in the spring sunshine they would run and play, but by the time he came around again in the winter, they would have forgotten what it was to simply hold hands and let the world turn by them. He closed his eyes as he thought of how they would fall apart for the want of that one truth, but thousands of winking stars hid his emotions from the contented couple below.

Only one tonight, as I am exhausted, and there's only so much I can think about at one time. Not gonna lie, some of the stuff on this Augustana album is just absolutely ridiculously awesome.
It's always tough when you realize you know what you want, and where you hope you're going, but that you have to wait to get there. Oh, well, that's life I reckon. I'm off to dreamland.

"Hold me down sweet and low
Little girl
Hold me down sweet and low
and I'll carry you home"


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